18 Chronic Pains In The Body That Might Be Tied To Your Emotions!

Chronic Pains In The Body That Might Be Tied To Your Emotions!

It is common that when one speaks about physical pain, some of the factors we analyze are mostly nutrition, climate and genetics, but we never take the emotional factor into account.

Next, in this article we’re going to show you 18 chronic pains that can be related to your emotions.

What you need to know about chronic pains?


You must relax, rest and concentrate to what’s bothering you in your life and make all the necessary decisions.

Muscular pain

This is connected to the capacity we have to influence situations of our daily life.

Pain in the neck

This is usually connected to excusing, so take some time to rethink everything and see if you should say “Sorry” or not.

Pain in the gums

This one is connected to insecurity and absence of engagement, so you’ll need to analyze the decisions that you have not taken because you were too afraid.

Pain in the shoulders

This one is related to the excess of emotional load, so you must try to be rational for a moment and find out what overwhelms you.


It is associated with certain situations in life that are too difficult to accept.

Pain in the top part of the back

This can appear due to the fact that you feel too alone in your sentimental life, so make sure you go out on a date!

Pain in the sacrum and tailbone

They are connected to situations that provoke tension, anxiety and stress.

Pain in the elbows

It is associated to the resistance towards changes, so you’ll need to be a little more flexible.

Pain in the arms

This appears because of a big burden in your life, no matter if it’s a person or a particular situation.

Pain in the hands

It is connected to something that you wish but it is somehow very difficult to reach.

Pain in the hips

It is connected to the difficulty you have to adapt yourself to changes.

Muscular pain and pain during movement

It is connected to the absence of experiences because you’re afraid of new adventures and challenges.

Pain in the knees

It is related to the excessive demands someone has towards himself/herself, so make sure you remember that you are only human and not everything is always perfect.

Pain in the teeth

This is because of the fact that we are not comfortable in a situation and cannot cope with it.

Pain in the ankles

It is connected to the absence of pleasure in your life, so that is the perfect moment to be related to someone sentimentally.

Pain that causes fatigue

It appears because of the fact that you feel boring, stagnant and tired, so you must have some sleep!

Pain in the feet

It is associated with depression, because our feet are sensitive and they can detect this type of negative emotions immediately.

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