Diet to Get Rid of Cellulite!

Diet to Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is the common enemy of all women, and unfortunately it’s an enemy that will not be defeated so easily. But if you learn to distinguish between truth and fiction in regards to this annoying problem you can better assess the treatment and prevention measures.

There are so many great ways of treating cellulite on the market that I wonder that this issue has not already been eradicated once and for all.

The truth about cellulite

The truth is it would be more wise of you to save money than to give it for miracle creams and solutions, and I better invest in a subscription to the gym or a good pair of running shoes.

Persistent physical problems such as cellulite simply will not respond to treatment quickly, the only method that has proven effective is the old-time combination diet and sports.

For starters, stick to a menu consisting of foods rich in protein, antioxidants and healthy fats (like omega 3), and as low in saturated fats: fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fish, beans, peas and the juice of fresh fruit (prepared at home, not taken from trade).

Adopt a program of cardio and your weight centered on the problem areas. This will help in time to get a smoother appearance of the skin and your energy well being enhanced thanks to the endorphins released during sports and healthy eating.

The miracle of modern medicine

Thanks to modern medicine and new procedures to reduce cellulite. The most successful therapies today are those laser and radio waves. The latter not a permanent method, as there is no cheap or easy, but can get rid of cellulite for about five months.

In this case, unless you want to go back to the beauty parlor twice a year and pay a fabulous sum, I recommend you take your suit and shoes for running and persevere in eliminating cellulite “the old fashion way.”

Causes of Cellulite

Another thing you have to have it in mind before declaring war at cellulite is that you suffer from it and does not mean you’re overweight. Of course, food and lifestyle choices play an important role.

In other words, genetics play the biggest role in cellulite apartment. Beyond DNA, and bears a part of our hormones come (women with higher levels of estrogen are often prone, and an increased level of estrogen is often caused by birth), and emotional stress.

In other words, relax, change contraceptives, fueling up healthy, do more sports. Cellulite is an enemy that can be defeated, although the fight will not be easy.

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