Hormone Diet: Can it Help You Lose Weight

Hormone Diet Can it Help You Lose Weight

Many of the problems that occur with aging (fatigue, stress, weight, disease) is often due to hormonal imbalance. It is well known that hormones influence our figure, but many people are aware that food is not enough to rebalance their hormones.

Thus was born the hormonal system, whose author is Dr. Thierry Hertoghe

Benefits of hormone treatment

Almost zero side effects

Although Thierry Hertoghe not vehemently opposes hormonal diet, he explains that in case of overdose, the consequences can be very unpleasant.

Thus, an excess of growth hormone leads to swelling of the hands and feet, an overdose of estrogen causes breast tenderness and fibroids, and a surplus of cortisol leads to weight gain and osteoporosis.

Overdose risks are significantly reduced when turning to food instead of chemicals.

Fast Results!

When we modify our diet, our energy is relieved by 2:00.

For example, a protein breakfast (consisting of bacon and eggs) will make you more energetic than if you had not fed with grains, proteins and fats because they increase production of cortisol in the body.

Hormonal diet can be followed only on weekdays, ie 5 days a month to be effective.

Signs of hormonal deficiencies?

The doctor says that ugly people, are only people with a pronounced hormonal imbalance. Here are the clearest signs:

  • Fatigue background demonstrates a lack of sex hormones.
  • Fatigue lack homonului thyroid.
  • Evening fatigue is a sign of iron deficiency.
  • Fatigue that occurs in stressful situations means a lack of cortisol.
  • Dry hair is not enough thyroid witness.
  • Dry eyes are a sign of deficiencies in sex hormones.
  • Swollen eyelids show a deficiency in thyroid hormones.
  • Dark circles signal a deficiency of cortisone.
  • Hands wet from a failure of cortisone.
  • People are often troubled by the lack of thyroid hormones in childhood.
  • People often suffer cold thyroid hormone deficiency.
  • Depressed people suffer from low libido and a lack of male hormones.

Hydration is essential!

Medical studies show that hydration is essential for carrying out many normal body functions, it can produce headache, fatigue, decrease of concentration and coordination of movements. To maintain a normal level of hydration is recommended daily consumption of 2 liters of fluid, both from drinks and foods. Meal before drinking liquids helps to reduce acute sensation of hunger.

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