Losing Weight With Tru Hoodia

Losing Weight With Tru Hoodia

Hoodia gordonii, an herb, is known to the San Bushmen who inhabit the Kalahari and Namib Deserts. Traditionally the site https://thecrunchycoach.com is a nomadic hunter, they go on hunts that will last for about a week. With food scarcity, they usually consume hoodia which will help them survive without food by not feeling hungry. First they will remove the roots, leaves, thorns and flowers from the plant.

Then they would peel away the skin of the stem and eat them. Scientists have found that what it does is to mimic the signals that glucose will send to the nerve cells in the brain, but many times powerful than glucose. This will suppress your urge to eat. Naturally this wisdom of the Bushmen can be a boon to those who are for ever doing all they can to shed their unwanted fat.

The national research laboratory of South Africa, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), was able to identify the bioactive compound. They isolated the compound along with the scientists of Phytopharm, a British firm. They called the molecule p57. Further studies and clinical trial confirmed its appetite suppressing feature, something that the San Bushmen knew and used for generations. These studies also reported that there were no side effects. This corroborated also with the fact that the Bushmen have been using hoodia for thousands of years without any problems.

Obesity is a rapidly increasing problem in many countries with a higher standard of affluence. Lifestyle and food practices were the major causes for obesity. The market for products for tackling the looming obesity problem is very large. Hoodia seemed to be just the right thing for the problem. Interest in p57 suddenly skyrocketed.

Hoodia gordonii was marketed as an appetite suppressant as capsule and liquid. Combined with the extracts of green tea with its natural caffeine, niacin in the form of nicotinic acid, chromium and coca extract, hoodia is promoted as tru hoodia diet. The major hitch in meeting the demand was that hoodia gordonii was found only in the wild in Southern Africa. This was not sufficient to meet the demand of the market. With limited availability, the cost was very high. Its supply too was limited and diminishing.

The attempts to synthetically produce p57 in the lab failed. With this, there was no other option but to rely on collection from the wild or at best attempt to cultivate them. Hoodia soon became a threatened species that CITES listed it as a plant whose trade has to be restricted and controlled.

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