Montignac Diet: How It Works?

Montignac Diet How It Works

Montignac diet to lose weight, it’s fast and without frustration. Although controversial, the method has many followers. Here are the secrets of this miracle diet!

How many kg can you lose?

In the attack phase corresponding to the first weeks of diet you lose more, as with any diet. Number of kilograms below depends on the profile data to anyone but there are people who say they lost 86 kg! The method is summarized in three principles…

Principle 1: Eat less sugar

You have to favor foods with glycemic index (GI) decreased. This limits the secretion of insulin, a hormone that promotes the transformation and storage of carbohydrate in fat. Result: storing less.

  • Aim for: pasta and brown rice, figs and dried apricots, red beans, raw carrots, green beans, pears, tomatoes, eggplant, jam without added sugar, soybean, cucumber, nuts, almonds.
  • Avoid: Potatoes, white bread, chips, white rice, raisins, bananas, melon, honey, biscuits.

Principle 2: fiber and protein

You must put accent on fiber, protein (2/3 animals and 1/3 vegetable) and good fats. Reducing hunger protein, fiber and good fats help speed up the transit.

  • Fibre: vegetables and dried fruits
  • Protein: eggs, meat (except for sheep, pork ribs), milk (not cow), unrefined grains.
  • Good fats: olive oil or sunflower oil, fruits, shellfish, fish.

Principle 3: Eat dissociated

You have to make every meal an association of protein/lipid or protein/carbohydrate. You are allowed to eat high GI foods (potatoes, white bread) only 2-3 times per week.

Prohibited Foods

2-3 months time you are prohibited:

  • Except fructose sugar: white sugar, jam, soft drinks, syrups, chocolate and cakes.
  • Foods with high GI: beer, potatoes, corn, white flour, refined cereals, white rice, white bread, chocolate milk, banana.
  • Saturated fats: butter, cream, fat of meat, sausages.
  • Drink less alcohol of a glass of wine a day.

Take three meals a day.

Example system

  • Breakfast: protein + carbohydrates (whole grains + 0% fat white cheese or yogurt, and coffee) and/or once a week protein + fat (bacon + eggs, and coffee/tea) or a fruit + dairy product (milk, cheese 0%).
  • Lunch: raw vegetables or fish or eggs + meat or fish + green vegetables + cheese or yogurt (without bread) or a fruit.
  • Dinner: soup + omelet (without yolk) + salad. If you’re hungry, eat a yogurt or fruit.

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