Weight Loss Nutrition – Basics for Healthy Weight Loss

Weight Loss Nutrition - Basics for Healthy Weight Loss

Nutrition is the very basic of any fat loss program. Without proper nutrition the body will eventually stop performing normally and hence stop losing fat. Fat loss nutrition is therefore the first thing to familiarize you with before starting any weight loss program. Basically any food that is natural is considered healthy, and anything that is processed and artificially made is considered unhealthy. The natural healthy foods are further categorized to foods that assist in weight loss and those which hinder the progress. Any fast food such as burgers, pizza, French fries is considered unhealthy and should be avoided.

To start with fat loss nutrition you need to first get acquainted with all facts about the natural foods. You should search and know how much calories are there in each food and how much quantity of the food contains that much calories. If you have a hard time remembering the amount of calories then make a chart of the amount of calories and food, include all the foods that you will be including in your diet. Again make sure to include only healthy food. So every time you prepare a meal from now on keep a rough estimate of how much calories you are going to consume and consume only that much calories.

A balanced diet is the secret behind a good fat loss nutrition plan. If some says don’t eat fat, or don’t eat carbohydrates then do not listen. Your body needs all of the nutrients including vitamins and minerals to function properly. And unless your body is functioning properly you will hit a plateau in your fat loss eventually. Each of your meal should include the following nutrients in proportion.


Lean red meat, Fish, Sea food, Chicken breast, whey proteins, and egg whites; these are just a few examples of protein rich foods. Proteins build muscles in your body and increase the metabolism of your body, thus assisting in fat loss.


Perhaps the most controversial nutrient in fat loss nutrition diet, Carbohydrates is divided into two basic categories, simple and complex. Some experts will tell you to reduce your carbohydrate intake to a minimum some will tell you exclude them completely for your diet. The truth is however, if you deprive your body of the most prominent source of energy then it will have some serious effects on the healthy functioning of the body. That being said, you should include complex carbohydrates in your meal while avoiding the simple ones completely. Complex carbohydrates release the energy slowly which is what we want to keep us energized while reducing the chances of fat deposition altogether.


Those who have not researched anything about fat loss nutrition or basic dieting generally have a misconception that eating fat leads to deposition of fat. Fatty foods are energy dense which means they contain more amounts of calories than proteins or carbohydrates. But nevertheless fats are very important for the proper functioning of the system and the brain. Fats are also categorized as saturated or unsaturated. Unsaturated fats are good for you while saturated fats are not so healthy. A simple research on the internet will fill you in with the healthy and unhealthy fat.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Vitamins and minerals are usually neglected in the dieting regime. But they are an important part of a proper nutrition and should never be neglected. OTC natural weight loss pills are also a great option to help you get slimmer.

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